Sarah (kleinmim) wrote in freepromos,

Join Land of Art!

landofart landofart landofart landofart landofart

landofart is a community that focuses entirely on graphics challenges. But that means in no way that you are limited. Most of the time, you can chose whatever fandom, celeb or stock photos you like to use for your graphics. But the most special thing about landofart is that there's a highly set points cap for most challenges - so you dont make two icons and you're done with it, but rather you might end up doing a combination of three picspams, ten icons, a fanmix and a wallpaper - or really a combination of any graphics you enjoy creating. landofart is challenging and inspiring, and if you like the idea, join now - we're in the middle of an awesome second phase!

If you chose to join, please be sure to mention that kleinmim referred you.
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